Friday, September 17, 2010

The Cheese Man

Chris and Kamala Zandee are amazing people. They live, as the expression goes, simply so that others may simply live. Their concern is for the Gujjars, the shepherd people of Kashmir. These people are close to Matt Brandon's heart (visit his gallery to see more photos of them).
Matt met Chris and Kam years back while I was still living in Kashmir.  He adds, "Even then, they had a desire to give back and bless the Kashmiri and Gujjar people. Earlier this year, you will recall I went to Kashmir and while there I learned of the Zandee’s cheese factory. It sounded a little bit odd to me. So I investigated and what I found was an amazing adventure that has started to make and impact on many people in the region. I hope you enjoy this photo documentary I call The Cheese Man." 

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