Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jagged Lines

Cristian Movila introduces his presentation with the following comments:
Humanity, albeit used in singular form, has a variety of expressions. While we celebrate and enjoy the benefits of a globalized world, we tend to forget that most of the people living on our planet lack the basics for what we define as a decent life. Be them in poverty stricken rural Romania, awaiting for salvation from a crumbling medical system; be them in Palestine, starring blindly at a concrete wall that separates lives and destinies; be them on the streets of a confused Tehran, balancing their desire for freedom with the weight of religion and of a rejected political system - all of these people remind us that our lives does not really have the imagined and imaginary smoothness and comfort in which we believe we live. As I worked with them, my own life entered in a process of changing; I realized that their lives trace the jagged lines that contradict the perfect contours in which I painted my own.

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